Sunday, 17 June 2012

NOTD Rimmel 60 Seconds Rose Libertine

I really like Rimmel nail polishes. They're cheap, and available everywhere! It's almost too easy to buy one every time you leave the house. Today I have been sporting this perfect Rose pink on my finger nails.

The bottle actually claims this to only need one coat, but I actually used two. I'd say you could use one, but two makes it look more polished and opaque. The usual thick brush made this super quick to apply.

A perfect colour for the summer. I actually think this would look super pretty as a pedi.

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Never tried a Rimmel polish as I've had very bad experiences with the rest of their make up range, I really need to stop being so stubborn and invest because it looks great!


  2. Oh really? That doesn't sound good. I do really like the nail varnish range, I have quite a few!x

  3. The colour looks beautiful! Love blog

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    1. Thanks so much! Will definitely take a look xx

  4. These were being sold at a good price by Asda a while back, feel free to check out the link on my blog