Wednesday, 13 June 2012

NOTD Megan Miller Lemon Ice

Anybody ever look through their nail varnish collection and think something is missing? In my collection it was a lemon coloured polish. I spotted this colour on another blog and I had to have it!

Megan Miller is available from Cute Cosmetics for £8.95 each.  Not exactly cheap, but they're a 3 free Nail Polish (Free from nasties) and are environmentally friendly. However, they are still cheaper than OPI and Butter London, etc.

It did take 3 coats for it to be completely opaque, but from what I have read about these polishes, I think it's only this colour that needs so many coats. It is a pretty pale lemon, which is like no other in my collection. (Pretty rare for someone with a collection as big as mine to say!)

What I also love about it is the bottle, how pretty?!

The polish was so quick and easy to apply, that I wasn't at all bothered it taken so many coats. If you like to see some of your nail through your polish (if you know what I mean!), this is perfect for you.

I think I will definitely buy some more of these polishes. Coral Bliss is definitely on my list!

 Cute Cosmetics is a website that specialises in organic and natural beauty products. They also have free standard delivery on all UK orders (Ace! I really hate paying P&P). I placed my order on Thursday night and had my polish on Monday. Not bad at all! Was very pleased, and will definitely be ordered other products from them again.

Have you tried any Megan Miller polishes?


  1. I want to buy simply to have that beautiful bottle in my collection! I've never seen one quite like that ever, it really hones in on the organic message. And yeah, I think lemon is generally just a difficult colour to make opaque in under 3 coats :)


  2. It is gorgeous isn't it. Also the colour x

  3. So pretty Jo! Lovely & fresh for summer - nice one being featured on the Megan Miller fb page too! :)

    Nic x

  4. I had no idea until I seen your fb page! I'm thrilled!xx