Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Payday Treats - May

I hope everybody has been enjoying the sunshine. I have not been in our house since the sun made an appearance! Last week was payday. And, of course, I bought a few things. I do buy my boys a few odds and ends, but it's not all about the kids ;)

A few Body Shop treats

The Body Shop is fast becoming one of my favourite shops, every store I go to all the staff are great and everything I am trying from there, I completely love. I have been reading a lot about The Body Shop Beautifying oils and have really been looking forward to trying them. I bought the Beautifying Oil in Pink Grapefruit, which smells completely divine. All Beautifying oils and Body Butters are in an offer of 2 for £15.

I have said before here, I am a complete salesmans dream. The girls that worked in the store were speaking to my friend and I about joining the rewards scheme. You pay £5 to join the scheme and you get 10% off all purchases in a year, along with other benefits and gifts. You can find more details here. We both joined and were given a free gift of a shower gel from the Earth Lovers range and a little packet with a few samples and a money off coupon. They kind of paid me, right? The Shower Gel is in Cucumber and Mint, and the samples are of lemon body lotion and lemon body scrub.

I also picked up this dress from Primark

This will be my best friend over summer, I know it. It comes just above my knee and I have wore it so far with my leopard print sandals that were from warehouse (another best friend of mine!)

Lastly, I bought these nude pumps

And so ends my quest for nude pumps! I have literally looked for nude pumps for so long. I plan to wear these with my chinos and a breton top on a rainy day. I'm sure I will get a lot of wear out of that ;) They were only £5 so I don't hold out much hope in them last long, but they're pretty and will do the job.

I also bought the Garnier BB Cream, a Revlon Lip Butter and a nail varnish from the Look Beauty Range.

Was thrilled with all the bits I bought. Do you just love it when a shopping trip is a sucess!

Thanks for reading x

Sunday, 27 May 2012

NOTD Look Beauty 'Nail Pop' in Chino

This was a Payday Treat (Blog post to follow). I haven't tried anything from the Look Beauty range, but have heard great things about it. After much umm'ing and ahh'ing I picked up this colour called Chino.

This is a tan, camel colour which is a great nude colour that'll look great with anything. A real nice non offensive colour.

One picture was taken in the sunshine, the other outside out of direct sunlight.

I'll be definitely buying more of this brand.

Friday, 25 May 2012

NOTD Maybelline Hot Salsa

This has been on my lust list for some time. I can't tell you how many times I've picked this up, then put it back down. I am terrible for shoppers remorse!

Yesterday was the day it was mine. As it was reduced in Asda to £3, that was it decision made! That, and the fact that I have no Maybelline in my collection. I am still justifying myself aren't I? Do I need more nail varnish? Probably not ;)

The long handle and brush of this nail varnish made it so easy to apply. It chipped after a day. But not many last long on my nails, so never take what I say as how long it'd last on your nails. I must be so tough on nail varnish.

The colour is, to me, a red with a hint of coral in it. It's a lovely colour. Perfect to be sporting for this gorgeous sunshine we've been having.

Have a great weekend in the sunshine. Think of me, I'll be in work.... Booooo!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

NOTD Leighton Denny Babydoll

I have literally been gazing at my nails all day. I have had this for a quite a while and always over looked it. Why, I will never know!

Leighton Denny nail polishes apply a dream. There's almost no need for 2 coats, they look that nice with one coat. Babydoll isn't a colour I would've reached for in the shops, it seemed a bit too girly pink in the bottle. This was in a Glossybox from a few months ago.

The colour is a pastel Rose pink. Just the perfect pale pink. This colour will be used time and time again.

Do you like it as much as me?

Thank you for reading xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

nSpa Hot Cloth Polish

The Hot Cloth Polish is part of the second step of the nSpa Beauty Rituals Routine. This routine is an easy to follow create your at home spa facial.

What they say:
'Buff away dead skin cells in Step 2 of nSpa's Beauty Ritual with this 2-in-1 cleanser and polisher. Let the blend of moisturising Ginseng and Vitamin E, rich and creamy Cocoa butter and Sweet Almond Oil dissolve the days make up and impurities with the help of a muslin cloth'

To be honest, I wasn't too sure whether to buy this along with the Cleansing Gel as this claims also to cleanse the skin and remove make up. But, I am a complete salesmans dream and thought 'well its called step 2 for a reason!' So I bought it.

I use this as directed, I massage one pump (it does say 2 pumps, but one is more than enough) into my dry skin and use the muslin cloth that comes with it to wipe away with warm water.

This is one pump of the cleanser that is more than enough to use.

Using this along with the Melting Cleansing gel makes my skin feel clean, refreshed and smooth as a babys bum. It isn't drying on my combination/dry (crazy) skin at all.  This has the same gorgeous, clean scent as the Cleansing Gel, which reminds me of the baby products I use in my sons' bath. I haven't actually used this on it's own, as I don't think that there's anything wrong with a double cleanse. Every scrap of make up is gone from my face and ready for Step 3 of the routine.

You can buy this at Asda for just £6.

I will definitely be hunting out more of the products out of this range. I also have the serum, which is Step 3 and my next blog post from this range.

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback from any of my recent posts, please comment or 'tweet' me. I really would like to know what you think of my blog.


Thursday, 17 May 2012

nSpa Melting Cleansing Gel

This is one step of the nSpa Beauty Rituals Routine. The range is a four step routine for you to follow to help transform your skin.

This is the Melting Cleansing Gel. Step 1 of routine.

What they say:

'To recreate the bliss of a true spa facial, begin you four step Beauty Ritual with this gentle yet effective cleanser. Packed with moisturising Ginseng and Vitamin E, as well as enhancing Grapeseed Oil and essential oil of Neroli, it glides effortlessly without dragging the skin, then emulsifies to remove make-up and impurities'

This is such a great product. It removes every scrap of make up from your face in one use. Other than your eye make up, be careful not to get it in your eyes, it stings. A lot. I have tried many cleansers, but this is a big hit with me.

As the directions say, I apply this to my dry face and massage it in using small circular movements. It slowly turns from a gel to a kind of oil of your skin. The smell is so lovely and clean, almost like baby shampoo. Then, you wet your fingers and massage again whilst the gel turns into a milk.

I have taken a few photos on the back of my hand, which I hope shows you how the product changes as you massage and add water.

This is about how much product I use on my face, I dot it all over my dry skin and start to massage it in

After massaging it feels like a oil on your skin

With wet fingers, massage again and the gel turns into a milk. After rinse with warm water.

As the gel melts, it removes all make up along with it while cleansing and clarifying your skin. I have never used a cleanser like this and I absolutely love it! It works so well, and does not dry out my skin whatsoever.

I picked this up from Asda for £5, which is a great price, for a great, great product.

I will be back tomorrow with my review of the Hot Cloth Polish, Step 2 of the Beauty Rituals Range.

Have you tried any products from this range?

Thank you so much for reading xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

NOTD Rimmel Ultra Voilet

I am often drawn to purple-y colours and I have many in my collection. So this caught my eye while browsing boots not so long ago.

Rimmel nail polish is always so easy to apply due to the ultra wide brush. However, this only lasted 12 hours before a tiny chip appeared. And 8 of those hours I was sleeping... Grrrr...

The colour is exactly what it is named, Ultra Violet. But I think I'll use it on my toes next time.

My nails are longer than I like them to be on these photos. I always feel like I have witches fingers when my nails are long!

Photos are taken outside in the sunshine. And indoors.

Thanks so much for reading xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Posting from my sick bed. And coming up on my Blog....

Last night I spent what felt like the whole night downstairs in my living room nursing the most awful migraine. I am have spent the day today in a haze of ear ache, head aches and neck pain... Just not good.

I have used all the above products tonight to make myself feel better and, hopefully, help me to sleep well.

Sanctuary is one of my favourite ranges. All the products work well, feel so luxurious and smell divine. I also bought myself a Yankee Candle yesterday in Lemon Lavender. Lavender never fails in relaxing me, it is one of my most favourite scents. Although I know not many people agree with me!

The candle was in Clintons on Sale down from £7.99 to £3.99. Always nice to save a few pennies.

After my bath I have climbed into bed with fresh pyjamas, fluffy socks and my favourite dressing gown.  I am watching old episodes of Friends, and have let our dog in our bedroom to keep me company while the other half works tonight.

What do you do when you don't feel too well?

Next week on my blog I will be talking about the nSpa skincare range I bought a couple of weeks ago, and will be posting any Nails of the Day photos that I take.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend  xx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

NOTD Nails Inc Peach Sorbet

This is the final of the trio of freebies from In Style. And, my least favourite. Not because of the colour, because it was a nightmare to apply! And I still think it looks a little scruffy after base coat, 3 coats, and top coat. Maybe it is because it is such a pastel shade.

Despite it being a pain to apply, the colour looks nice and gives your hands a nice manicured look (if you do a better job than me at applying!)

Am I the only one a teensy bit disappointed with this one?

Thanks for reading xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

NOTD Nails Inc Bluebell

Good morning! I hope everybody is enjoying the bank holiday weekend.

Today my nails of the day are Nails Inc Bluebell. This is a beautiful pale blue, lilac colour, I absolutely love it!

It needed two coats to look absolutely perfect. This has definitely taken a hop, skip and jump to my favourites.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

NOTD Nails Inc Power Pink

I had to share this colour with you. I have been mixed most of the day, I get like that about pink nail varnish! One minute I love, next minute, not so sure. But now in settled on I love it.

Can't wait to try the other Nails Inc freebies!

(Another post from my iPhone!)

Have you bought this months In Style yet? Which colour did you pick up?

Have you picked up yours?

I am having a real nightmare with blogger on my laptop switching my images the wrong way round! I've been trying for days to post my April Favourites. So today, I shall be blogging from my iPhone!

In Style this month have 3 Nails Inc nail polishes to collect. Worth £11 each. Fab freebie!

The colours are completely gorgeous. I have added my instagramed photo, but of anybody wants swatches, I'll happily post.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Body Shop Shower Gel & Body Butter

I haven't shopped in The Body Shop in years, we're talking probably since when I was 15. And I loved White Musk, do they still sell that?! On a recent shopping trip, I thought I'd give the Shower Gel a try as I've heard some great things about it.

I picked up Coconut Shower Cream and the Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit Shower Gels. They were on offer at 3 for £8.

I always choose coconut scented anything. But this, surprisingly, isn't my favourite. It doesn't lather up at all and it's not a nice coconut scent. I love both shower gels, they foam and bubble up gloriously, and fill the bathroom (in fact, the whole upstairs of my house) with their divine scent. I can't actually decide which I love the most, possibly the satsuma. Hmmm... Tough one! The scent on your skin after showering isn't over powering by any means, just a nice delicate scent.

I also bought the Almond Body Butter, they were all on offer at £5. Usually £12.50

If I had had a smell of this in store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Think Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart. However, I have used nearly all of it and I love it. It absorbs beautifully, and makes my skin look so much better with a gorgeous sheen to it. I don't think that the scent lingers for too long. I tend to use this before bed time and my skin still looks and feels lovely the next morning. I can't wait to try a few more scents.

The consistency of the butter is really thick, I tend to rub in between my hands before applying.

Do you like The Body Shop? What is your favourite range from there?

Thank you for reading xxx