Tuesday, 19 June 2012

30 Day Shred

30 Day Shred is a fitness DVD that I had noticed a few people tweeting about, but never looked into. Now the thought of wearing a bikini come August on holiday has been making me feel a little sick. So I thought I'd invest in this DVD, the reviews are fantastic! See them here on Amazon.

The workout is 20 minutes long, and combines strength and toning followed with cardio at different intervals. There are 3 levels and you progress through each level during the 30 days. It is a constant workout, no chance for a sip of water or a breather. Like Jillian says 'You don't get this for free'! A few of the exercises in Level one are Star Jump, Bum Kicks, lots of squating, bicep curls, and crunches. You definitely feel that burn! That is such a good feeling. This is coming from me, who has only just exercising this year and is increasingly getting more addicted.

Yesterday was my first try at the DVD. My first thought was, I thought it would be more tough. This morning I was a little achey, and did the work out again today. This time I knew the exercises, and was keeping up with them, therefore pushing myself harder. I am feeling very positive about this.

One thing I didn't realise is that I needed weights to do the workout, so I've just been using tins of beans for now until I get the chance to buy some weights. You need your trainers, and a mat if you're working out on a hard floor like me. I bought this USA Pro mat from Sports Direct for £6.99. 

I have taken my measurements, and I will share them at the end of the 30 days.

Anybody with me? Or have you already 'shredded'?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I want to try this! I always jump on the latest fitness dvd band wagon (my last one was the PussyCat Dolls which was such a disappointment!) - I'm literally searching this dvd now!



    1. I'd imagine The Pussy Cat dolls to be full of sexy dance moves. For a person like me with no coordination or rytham like me would make some seriously funny viewing!

      Let me know if you're joining me!x

  2. My copy is lurking somewhere and I'm threatening to do it!!! My back isn't great at the mo so when it's stronger I'm there... When I was researching I saw a lot of people struggling towards the end but when they got there it was soooo worth it!! Good luck :)

    1. Do it do it do it!! Jillian is so motivating and this DVD isn't patronising at all. Join me! For the sake of half an hour a day, I'd definitely give it a go. I did it while my kids where eating their tea, and they came to join me with their tins thinking it was hilario :)

      Yes, am under no illusion that it's going to KILL. But if it ain't hurtin', it ain't workin'!!

      Let me know if you start. We can support eachother on twitter xx

  3. Read lots of good things about this-didn't realise it was only 20 minutes sessions though;tempting as that would be so easy to fit in!

    Great blog!


    1. I do find I have to force myself to fit it in!

      And thank you v much x

  4. Tried this 30 day shred DVD on youtube and actually felt it after 2 days definately a good buy - Good luck.

    Also love you blog


  5. I am really starting to notice a difference in my arms and legs 2 weeks in.

    Thank you v much xx

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