Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Orly Cool Romance Mini Collection

Cool Romance is Orly's offerings for Spring, and they're absolutely divine. You can see the whole range on beauty bay

With my birthday money, I bought the mini set:

From left to right:
Prelude to a Kiss
Faint of Heart
Jealous, much?
You're blushing

Here are some swatches:

All the forumlas are lovely. They apply easily, and are so glossy. These photos were taken without a topcoat. The first polish I used out of this collection was Jealous, much? I found I had to use three coats of this to achieve full opaqueness, but it was no big deal, the finished result was gorgeous! I think my favourite has to be You're blushing, my kind of colour. I love purple-y colours.

Do you like the Cool Romance collection?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I love all of them! Think this will have to be a payday treat xx

    1. They just gorgeous aren't they. Free del on beauty bay at the moment too!x

  2. hmmm I was non plussed when I saw the bottles, but they're gorgeous on your nails!

    Nic x

    1. Oh really? I like all of them besides the steel one. I'm wearing Prelude to a kiss today. Very much like Essie 'chinchilly' which is one of my favourites. Xx