Monday, 6 February 2012

NOTD, George Jeopardy

Every time I go to Asda, I start at the make up and beauty isle. I look at the George nail varnish, mess about with a few, and put them back. I never buy one. Anyway, after a bit of a rough week I thought, why not treat myself (Any excuse). It needed to be cheap, I have had a huge car bill this week, and for £1.25 (reduced from £1.75) it was guilt free.

They have a pretty large range, there are so many different colours. Obviously not as large as, say, OPI. But bigger than some. The bottles are identical to No7. The shade I bought is 'Jeopardy'. To me, it's a peachy coral colour. A really lovely shade.

I reckon this would look gorgeous used for a pedi in the summer if you have a tan.

One negative I have is the brush. It made it really awkward to apply. The brush is chunky and rounded, which I struggled with.

I was impressed with the longevity of it. This lasted for 2 and a bit days, it only chipped after me getting my clean on this afternoon :)

All in all, I like it. I'll probably buy more, you cannot complain at the price. There's not many things you can buy now for £1.25. I mean, a loaf of bread is more than that! 

Thanks for reading xx