Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

I must admit, I haven't bought anything from Lush before. I walk into the shop, have a sniff of a few things, get annoyed by the sales assistants (totally depending on my mood at the time! ;)) and leave empty handed.  I have no idea why, I only hear great things about them. But for my birthday my other half bought me a few bubble bars whilst we were shopping.

I decided on the yuzu & cocoa bubbleroon.

(As I taken the photos on my phone, I thought I would instagram them to hide the rubbish-ness of them!)

I am a complete Lush convert now. I absolutely loved using the things that I was bought for my birthday.

Ever the budgeter (read tight, if you wish ;)) I cut this up into quarters to get more of my money's worth.

I am glad I did, as one quarter created a huge amount of bubbles, which latest about 45 minutes.

The scent of this is really delicate, sweet and slightly citrus-y.  It made my skin feel so soft and frangranced of the bubbleroon.  I would definitely buy this again. And shop at Lush more often. Their service is second to none, it's always nice to be greeted into a store with a smile by the assistants. It's also a bonus when your toddler is spoken to. Which I always find in Lush.

I did buy other bubble bars, but I am yet to use some.

What's your favourite Lush products? I'd love to discover some more treasures....

Thanks for reading xx

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