Monday, 12 March 2012

James Brown Photo Fabulous Haircare

When I usually buy shampoo and conditioner I usually go for whatever is on offer in Asda while I am doing the weekly shop. This was a birthday gift from my aunty (in a gift set). I wouldn't have bought this for myself as its fairly expensive to me at £6.99 per bottle. A link to the James Brown range in Boots.

But, oh my, I love love love this stuff. The scent is completely to die for. It's a fresh, almost masculine scent.  I used it at the gym last week and another woman asked me what it was, she loved the smell. My hair seems easier to style. Well, I say style, blast with a hairdryer and straighten. And it stays clean for days, while the divine scent stays in your hair.

I also love the packaging of this. They just pop out at you on the shelf amongst the other shampoos. The moisturising shampoo lathers up a treat while filling the bathroom with its smell. Totally lush! (And I never say lush ;))

Unfortunately, I can't find a link to this on the Boots website.

The conditioner claims to give thristy hair a nourishing, glossy shimmer. I could not agree more with this. I use quite a bit of product to get it all over my hair, as the instructions say I leave for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. My hair feels so soft when rinsing it out. I love that soft feeling you get when washing conditioner out.

The Intensive Treatment is a complete pleasure to use. It is for 'thirsty, dry hair that lacks moisture'. It also states to use this twice a week, I don't. I use it as and when, I only wash my hair twice a week. Possibly more if I've been to the gym or swimming. I use as the instructions say, massaging it thoroughly into my hair root to tip and then leave for 30 seconds and rinse for twice as long as you would a usual conditioner. I was surprised I only had to leave it in for 30 seconds, but it worked nicely. Not sure I need this, so wouldn't buy it again, as the Moisturising Conditioner works great for me.

I will without a doubt buy these products again, I am so happy I got this as a gift. My aunty knows me too well! My hair feels so fab after using this. It feels healthy and looks shiny. Always a good combo, right? It feels such a treat to use.

Now, after gushing about this I am going to use it....

Have you tried this range? I think I may try a few of the other products in this range.

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  1. I've seen this about- must admit I love the packaging too! Its so different to everything else out there!

    1. It really stands out doesn't it?

      Thanks for reading :) x

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