Friday, 27 January 2012

Busy Bee Candles

I love twitter. One thing I love most about it is that you get to hear about companies and products that you wouldn't have in your usual day to day business. Busy Bee Candles is one of these companies I wouldn't have heard about if I had not been on twitter.

Busy Bee Candles are all handmade using soy wax using fine fragrances. Their website is Take a look, there is a ridiculous selection of fragrances available. There is something for everyone, that is for sure!

I can't get enough of candles at this time of year, especially frangranced ones. I currently have 6 burning in my living room, not all are fragranced! I love the light of them too. Everything looks so pretty in candlelight. 

The fragrances I bought were 'Lavender Pillow' and 'Coconut Rose' in a small candle for £7.50

Lavender is one of my favourite scents. Lavender Pillow did not disappoint. I was burning it in my bedroom and could smell it downstairs! I absolutely love this and will definitely re-purchase. So relaxing to have in your bedroom or to burn at night.

Coconut is another of my favourite scents and 'Coconut Rose' caught my eye. It is such an exotic scent. I was burning this in my living room this afternoon and it got to work very quickly. My whole house smelt of it.

They burn so evenly, I don't imagine that there will be much waste from these candles. A mini candle will burn for 30 to 40 hours, that's £7.50 well spent!

Busy Bee Candles come in wax tarts also, I'm definitely investing in a burner to try out some other scents.

The ones I'm looking forward to buying next are Basil & Herb (if I ever have fresh basil in my house, I am always giving it a sniff!;)), Sweet Dreams, and Sun Washed Linen

I think since starting this blog, I'm quickly learning that I am obsessed with scents!

What's your favourite scented candle?

You can follow Busy Bee Candles on Twitter @BusyBeeCandles and you can also follow me on twitter @jo85ste

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  1. I heard about these on twitter too. Haven't bought any yet. x

    1. Keep an eye out for offers. But they really are worth the money. Thanks for reading x