Friday, 18 May 2012

nSpa Hot Cloth Polish

The Hot Cloth Polish is part of the second step of the nSpa Beauty Rituals Routine. This routine is an easy to follow create your at home spa facial.

What they say:
'Buff away dead skin cells in Step 2 of nSpa's Beauty Ritual with this 2-in-1 cleanser and polisher. Let the blend of moisturising Ginseng and Vitamin E, rich and creamy Cocoa butter and Sweet Almond Oil dissolve the days make up and impurities with the help of a muslin cloth'

To be honest, I wasn't too sure whether to buy this along with the Cleansing Gel as this claims also to cleanse the skin and remove make up. But, I am a complete salesmans dream and thought 'well its called step 2 for a reason!' So I bought it.

I use this as directed, I massage one pump (it does say 2 pumps, but one is more than enough) into my dry skin and use the muslin cloth that comes with it to wipe away with warm water.

This is one pump of the cleanser that is more than enough to use.

Using this along with the Melting Cleansing gel makes my skin feel clean, refreshed and smooth as a babys bum. It isn't drying on my combination/dry (crazy) skin at all.  This has the same gorgeous, clean scent as the Cleansing Gel, which reminds me of the baby products I use in my sons' bath. I haven't actually used this on it's own, as I don't think that there's anything wrong with a double cleanse. Every scrap of make up is gone from my face and ready for Step 3 of the routine.

You can buy this at Asda for just £6.

I will definitely be hunting out more of the products out of this range. I also have the serum, which is Step 3 and my next blog post from this range.

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  1. This sounds lovely! Your blog is great!

    Thanks for the fab review!

  2. this is indeed a great buy. I normally use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and this Nspa one comes a very close second to it. PLUS, it's easy to get hold of (no delivery charge) and a great price. I use it alone though - as step 1 and 2 combined and it seems to work well. Have you tried the serum or moisturiser from the same range? Think I will try them next....

    1. Hi, Agree on the easier to get hold of. And I really hate paying p&p. I have finally got my hands on liz earle and can't wait to try it!

      My next blog post is the serum. X