Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Body Shop Shower Gel & Body Butter

I haven't shopped in The Body Shop in years, we're talking probably since when I was 15. And I loved White Musk, do they still sell that?! On a recent shopping trip, I thought I'd give the Shower Gel a try as I've heard some great things about it.

I picked up Coconut Shower Cream and the Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit Shower Gels. They were on offer at 3 for £8.

I always choose coconut scented anything. But this, surprisingly, isn't my favourite. It doesn't lather up at all and it's not a nice coconut scent. I love both shower gels, they foam and bubble up gloriously, and fill the bathroom (in fact, the whole upstairs of my house) with their divine scent. I can't actually decide which I love the most, possibly the satsuma. Hmmm... Tough one! The scent on your skin after showering isn't over powering by any means, just a nice delicate scent.

I also bought the Almond Body Butter, they were all on offer at £5. Usually £12.50

If I had had a smell of this in store, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Think Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart. However, I have used nearly all of it and I love it. It absorbs beautifully, and makes my skin look so much better with a gorgeous sheen to it. I don't think that the scent lingers for too long. I tend to use this before bed time and my skin still looks and feels lovely the next morning. I can't wait to try a few more scents.

The consistency of the butter is really thick, I tend to rub in between my hands before applying.

Do you like The Body Shop? What is your favourite range from there?

Thank you for reading xxx


  1. Pink grapefruit is my all time favourite, I get through bottle after bottle of this stuff it smells absolutely gorgeous. I always pick it up on the offer, I should really venture into some of the others though :-)

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty