Monday, 21 November 2011

What to write about on your first post?

Hmmm... this is a hard one. So I thought I'd talk about me.

My name is Jo. I live with my other half, G and our two little boys. Owen & Louie. Owen is 6 and Louie is 22 months.  We also have a 3 year old dog (a staffie) called Rafa. I Did. Not. Name. Our. Dog. :)

I work part time as an administrator and this will be my space to induldge in all things I love. My loves in live (other than my gorgeous family, of course) are Nail Polish, Beauty bits and pieces, and Make up. Just spending in general, really ;) I am no fashionista, but I LOVE clothes and fashion.

Working part time and having two little ones means I am skint ;) so, theres going to be no high end purchases here, it'll all be budget items.

I'm a bit nervous... eeek....

Here's me and my monkeys on holiday this year.

So, lets she how this goes, eh?


  1. Oh Jo I'm so excited you've started this - yayyyy!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - prepare to be broke! ;)
    Nic xxx

  2. Thanks Nic, I'm rather excited too! I'm always broke, was just without the blog! ;) xx