Monday, 21 November 2011

Rimmel Professional Finish, Camoflage Chic

This isn't actually a NOTD post, as I'm not actually wearing this today. So that would be a fib ;) I bought this a couple of weeks ago. As Rimmel is so readily available anywhere and cheap, I thought this is the best one to start with.

Expect to see a lot of NOTD, as I probably buy a new one a week. I am completely in love with nail varnish. I probably bore my real life friends to death about nail varnish and different brands I have and want to try. Sorry if you read this, pals ;)

Anyway, Camoflage Chic caught my eye when I was having a little mooch whilst doing the food shop in Asda. I just can't help myself, I'm like a moth to a flame in the make up and beauty isle. I seem to have a little thing for green anything at the moment, and this jumped out at me.

To me, it's a pale khaki. Bear with me, I'll probably improve with descriptions. It applied an absolute dream, I love the Rimmel brushes.

I bought this from Asda for £4.58, its the same price in most places I looked.

And on my nails. Matches my coat perfectly ;)

 Hope you like my first proper post :) Thanks for reading xx


  1. ooooh I love the color!! Nic sent me :-)..x

  2. Great 1st post! Lovely colour, I am drawn to sludgy greens too! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging too.

  3. Thanks so much ladies :) x